Osaka History Walk

Experience the rich, yet often underestimated history of Osaka city!

Price: ¥4,000 per person (including tax, entrance fee to Shitenno-ji temple)

Time schedule : 10:00 am – 13:00 pm

Tours available all day except Sundays and holidays. (Check availability)

Meeting point: JR Tennoji station

* (I will include the details of the meeting point in the confirmation mail).

NB: In this tour, we will take Osaka Metro (subway) to move around different sights.

The transportation fee (¥540 in total) is not included in the fee.


Osaka seems to be somewhat hiding behind Kyoto or Nara when it comes to historical experiences.

However, the city was founded in the 6th century, which means it has longer history than the neighbouring two ancient capitals.

As a history lover, I would like to show my guest the rich historical sights of Osaka city.

After visiting Shitenno-ji, one of the oldest buddhist temples in Japan (older than any temple in Kyoto!),

we will visit the famous Osaka castle.

While taking the main route to the castle with some explanation of the history,

I will also take you to a zen garden near the castle, which is situated in such a hidden spot that almost anyone would notice the presence, despite its absolute beauty.

At Osaka’s most famous street, Dotombori,

we would take a step aside from the Main Street to a small alleyway where you can learn the historical background of the area,

Throughout this 3 hours walking tour, I would like to focus on the historical aspects of Osaka city which is so often underestimated because of the neighboring ancient capitals and also because of Osaka’s own fame as the foodies’ paradise.

The tour starts and ends at JR Tenno-ji station.

I can also give you several suggestions for lunch/dinner after the tour.