Yuki Fujisawa

A Certified national tourist guide in English (EN00210) and in Italian (IT0006).

Born and raised in Osaka.

After having worked in Tokyo for 5 years and spent almost 2 years travelling around the world, I came back to my home town Osaka and started small group tours to introduce some of the less known but truly local spots of the city.

In my tours, we visit small local places such as eateries, bars and even supermarkets.

Osaka city may have been underrated for long time overshadowed by neighbouring cities of Kyoto and Nara, which are the ancient capitals of Japan and one of the most visited places in the country.

But as a local, I would like to stress that Osaka city does have its charm and it lies in the open-minded and very tourist friendly people. With our tour, explore much more local areas of Osaka and meet the locals there.

You will find out the true beauty of the city!