Osaka city was once called “the kitchen of the nation” and is known for its wide range of street foods.

Justifiably there are many food tours operating in the city. 

In many cases, the majority of food tours in Osaka will take you to famous areas such as Dotombori, Shinsekai, or Kuromon market. While these places are definitely lively and photogenic, as a local, I usually do not eat in those areas. 

In our tour, you will be visiting one of the areas which have been truly loved by Osaka locals, where you can find authentic local atmosphere. 

The area is where you can find the true sense of “Osaka’s marchants’ spirits”.

Osaka has been developed as a city of merchants, where people are always looking for “the best value” for cheeper prices. During the tour, I wish to show you examples of those incredible (sometimes even foolish) offers.

The city is also famous for its friendly and open-minded locals who may contradict the stereotypical notion of Japanese people as “quiet and reserved”.

Thanks to its friendly locals and rich food culture, Osaka city is one of the best places in Japan to experience the real local lives of Japanese people, which are so often different from what is portrayed in the mass media.

Join our tours, interact with locals and discover true Japanese life !!