Offering walking tours in local areas of Osaka !!

Inside Osaka Tour starting!!

Today, on the 23rd of April 2015, as the start of my career as a tourist guide,

I would like to start my own website; Inside Osaka City Tour.

I’ve always thought that Osaka city is fully enjoyed when you visit the residential areas of the city rather than the famous tourists destinations, like Dotombori, Aquarium, or USJ.

Based on this belief, I’ve got a licence to be a certified tourist guide, and come to create my own city tour.

I truely hope that through my tour, many of the tourists who choose to come to Osaka can expeience the real lives of Osakan people.

To mark the start of this site, I post the photo I took on the New Year’s Day 2015.

On that day, when I woke up realising that the first sunrise was about to come, I stepped outside from my home and soon after, I could see the sunrise from the very top of the tallest building in Japan; Abeno Harukasu.

At that moment, I was convinced that this year will be something special.

I believe that this tour & website is yet another piece that make my life and the lives of my guest little bit more special !!



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