Offering walking tours in local areas of Osaka !!

Osaka Local Pub Crawling

Tour details;  Saturdays & Sundays  18:00 – 21:00

Fees: 10,000 yen (including foods, drinks, and tax !)

Starting point: JR Temma station (for detail-  Meeting point)


Many people still believe that Japan is an expensive country for dining out.

While it is true to some extent, Osaka city proves that eating in Japan can be both delicious and reasonable.


Osaka city is called the city of “Kuidaore”, which is rougly translated into the city “where you can eat till you drop”.

The name is coming from the fact that the city has been offering so much variety of tasty foods at very reasonable prices, so that once you start dining out here in Osaka, you can’t stop popping in differnt local eataries and trying many local dishes without concerning to spend a big amout of money; so you end up eating till you drop!!


Unfortunately though, without having proper indications, foreign travellers often end up eating in famous but pricy restaurants that serves what they call the “local foods”

(which you can actually try exactly the same dishes in one of their branches in other majour cities in Japan!!).

In addition, many good local eataries are so “local” that it seems almost incomprehensible the foods on sale, the way to order, and what you want to have. That fact is that it is sometimes challanging even for native Japanese who don’t live in the city.


But the truth is that it is often in these local eataries and pubs where you can find out the real local food, the real sense of place, and you meet lively locals.


So here’s an opportunity for you to experience some of the best local eataries in the city.  Now that you are in Osaka, it is such a pitty not to experience one of the best local food scenes of the country.


With OSAL’s local pub crawling tour, we will visit 2 to 3 different local eataries, with different tastes and atmospheres.

While enjoying some of the best local foods, you will also learn some interesting facts about Japanese food culture.

Osaka Ale


*if you are a big drinker, you may order additional drinks with your pocket money

*While I can try my best to select foods to meet my guests’ preferences, if you are a strict vegan or have food restrictions based on your religious belief, I may not be able to cater for your needs.