Offering walking tours in local areas of Osaka !!

Meeting points

1. Osaka Local Evening Tour

Meeting point: JR Temma station @ 18:00PM

– JR Temma station is on the Osaka Loop line and just one stop away from Osaka station (clockwise).

There is only one exit at JR Temma Station.

Temma exit

When you come out of the exit, you will see a kiosk on your left hand side.

Temma exit2

I will be standing around here with “Inside Osaka Tour” sign board.

Temma exit 3

In case you are lost, or expected to be late, please contact me at: 090-3354-1556.

I will consider that the tour is cancelled if you do not show up by 18:20 without prior notice.

Due to my work schedule, I can only be at the meeting point around 17:50PM.

If you arrive ealier and do not see me, please wait for a moment.