Offering walking tours in local areas of Osaka !!

Osaka Morning Stroll

Time shedule: Monday – Saturday 10:00am – 12:00pm

Fee: 3,500 yen (payable by cash only)

Starting from: Minami Morimachi station exit 4-B (in front of a KOHYO super market)

Subway Tanimachi line (Purple line) or Sakaisuji line (Brown line)



Tenjinbashi-suji Shopping street is the longest shopping street in Japan.

By walking a part of its 2.6km of continuous shops and eataries, you can peek through the real aspects of local Japanese life.




We start our morning by visiting one of the oldest and most important shrines in Osaka;

Osaka Tenmangu



Here, while we learn some history of Osaka city, we pray for your good luck.

Around the shrine, there are some traditional stores that sell Japanese staple foods like miso and umeboshi,

so we visit some of them to learn stories behind Japanese traditional food culture.

We also stop at a local street food stand to find out the secret taste of a croquette for which people never stop queuing.




Along the way we will also witness the wonder of a riduculously priced super market which sells some of its items at an astonishing 1 yen,

1yen sale


and how an aesthetical display is widely abondoned in some of the mega-deal stores.



bag store


The tour finishes at a local market which has a history of more than 300 years.




In a nutshell, all aspects of ordinary Japanese life is squeezed into this one long shopping street.

Why not then, spare 2 hours of your morning time to experience the real, modern day, down-to-earth lives of ordinary Japanese?