Offering walking tours in local areas of Osaka !!

Osaka Waterfront Cycling

3 hours of casual cycling in Osaka bay area which is completely untouched by the recent wave of mass tourism.

The tour aims to get a glimpse of everyday lives of ordinary Japanese people.

You can also have a rare access to a Japanese apartment, and it finishes with Okonomiyaki lunch.


Time schedule: Everyday except Wednesday  10:00am – 13:00pm (Check Availability)


Fee: 5,000 yen per person

(foods & drinks included, payable by cash only)


Starting from: Guesthouse MONDO, near JR/Subway Taisho station (see detail)


NB: The tour will be cancelled if rain is predicted.

The decision is going to be made in the evening before around 17:00pm.

If the tour should be cancelled, we will notify you via email, so please check your mail account when a rainy day is expected.




Inside Osaka Tours’ new route now explores bay areas of Osaka where you’ll find some spectacular views of the city but find virtually NO tourists around.


The tour includes;

1. Cycling around Osaka waterfront where you can find another face of the city



2. Rare access to an Japanese apartment



3. panoramic view of Osaka city from the bay area



4. short boat ride which is still an important way of transportation for locals


5. visit to a Japanese sweets (和菓子 / wagashi) store and try some of their specialities


6. Finish with Okonomiyaki (one of Osaka’s most famous local foods) lunch

Gourmet Osaka


Although we use bikes in this tour, this is not a serious cycling tour.

Bikes are merely ways of transportation to get to places not well connected with the public transports.

The bikes we use is commonly called “Mama Chari” (meaning “Mam’s bike) and arguably the most  popular type of bicycle used here in Japan.


The routes are completely off the beaten path.

Avoid it if you are interested in famous landmarks of Osaka city or shopping in the city centre, but if you are interested in the more in-depth knowledge of everyday lives of Japanese people, this is a tour for you!!