Offering walking tours in local areas of Osaka !!

Osaka Local Evening Tour

A private walking tour visiting local areas and small eataries that you would not be visiting with ordinary Osaka city tours.

Time schedule: Everyday except Sunday 18:00 – 21:00pm (Check Availability)

Fee: 7,000 yen per person (Mon, Wed-Sat) /  7,500 yen on Tuesdays

(all foods & drinks included, payable by cash only)

Starting from: Temma station (detail)

*NB: In this tour, we will visit several Japanese style pubs.

If you prefer not to have alcoholic drinks, please write it down as such in the “message” part of the booking form.


Osaka city was once called “the kitchen of the nation”.


It was the busiest market city in the country and most of the nation’s local specialties were accumulated here.

The resulting rich food culture is best represented in a Japanese word “Kuidaore”, which is roughly translated as “the city where you eat till you drop”, and is synonimous to Osaka.

The city is also famous for its friendly & open-minded local residents who often contradict with the stereotypical notion of Japanese people as “quiet and reserved”.

Thanks to its friendly people and rich food culture, Osaka city is actually one of the best places in Japan to experience the real, local life of ordinary people.

Temma backstreets2

After all, sushi and tempura are not our staple foods.

Many young Japanese do not know how to wear Kimono.

Not to mention, no one has never met one single Samurai or Ninja in their entire life.

Here’s an opportunity for you to experience some of the real aspects of Japanese life.

Tenjinbashi-suji Shopping street is the longest shopping street in Japan, with its 2.6km of continuous shops and eataries.

By walking through the arcade and visiting some of the characteristic shops, you can peek through the real aspects of local Japanese life.

Shichifuku1Some of the things you will find in this tour are:

* Takoyaki stand which has been loved by locals for over 4 generations;

* A super maket that loves to give away some of its marchandices at mere 1 yen;

* Alleys of pachinko parlers;

* Clusters of local Izakayas (Japanese style pub) and bunch of typsy locals.

All are integral part of everyday Osakan life.

During the course of the tour, we will stop by in one of the oldest Izakaya in town and it ends at one of the best local eataries. You will have a good chance to have chats with locals who are sitting (or standing) next by, though it depends on the people gathering on the day.

Strolling thorough local alley ways, munching local foods and drinking with local people;

I can guarantee that you spend a night just as locals do in their everyday lives !!